Ho seguito la guida sul sito ubiquiti e dopo un reset, un ripristino immagine firmware, un aggiornamento, un altro reset e la reinstallazione del software di gestione, ora funziona perfettamente

Cloud Key Ubiquiti UC-CK  Gen 1 Emergency Recovery

For first generation Cloud Keys follow these steps to access the Emergency Recovery UI:

  1. Power off the system.
  2. Press and hold the reset button and then power on the Cloud Key by connecting it to the power source.

reset ubiquiti uc ck 1

  1. Keep the reset button pressed for about 10 seconds, or until you see the recovery LED pattern in a loop (blue – off – white).
  2. Once the LED is flashing in the recovery mode pattern, open your browser and type the IP address for the Cloud Key. The IP address comes from your DHCP server, if you can’t access DHCP, the fallback IP will work: However, keep in mind that if your Cloud Key does have a IP address assigned by the DHCP server, the fallback IP will not work. If you are using a Gen 2 Cloud Key you will see its IP address on the device screen.unifi UC CK reset 2

User Tip: If you don’t know your Cloud Key’s IP address, you can use thearp -a SSH command or software such as nmap to find the IP address.

  1. You should be taken to the Recovery Mode screen. From here you can reset, reboot, power off and most importantly you can upload an updated firmware bin file.
  2. To update the firmware, go to the Downloads page, find the correct Cloud Key model on the left hand menu and then click on the download button, read and accept information, and then download the firmware file to your computer to upload in the Recovery Mode UI. Once it is uploaded you will have to reboot the Cloud Key to complete the firmware upgrade.
  1. Once it is uploaded you will have to reboot the Cloud Key to complete the firmware upgrade.

The LED will flash white while upgrading and then a steady white when it is ready.

update firmware uc ck 2 3

Autore: Fabio Querzè